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Foot problems affect over half the population. Prevention, assessment, and treatment require expertise and practical skills. Chiropodists and Podiatrists undergo extensive training to meet these requirements. A referral is not required to book an appointment.

Visit our approachable and generous staff, who are always ready to share smiles and their sense of humour with all the feet they meet. Meet the Team! Rick and Vicki Werkman are partners in life and in practice, both bringing their unique and essential skill sets to their Oakville clinic.

Werkman, Boven & Associates offer the best footcare, equipment and environmentally conscious surroundings.

Your Oakville Foot Clinic & Orthotic Specialists

The Werkman & Windmill Family History – Grandparents and Parents

Rick’s mom, Audrey Werkman (nee: Grypstra), moved to Oakville from Assen, Groningen (The Netherlands) at a young age, attended Maple Grove Public School and then temporarily moved back to Holland for her high school years. While living back in Holland, she met Rick’s Father, Klass (Charlie) Werkman, and they were married and moved back to Oakville. Charlie worked for over 25 years at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital as Housekeeping Manager, keeping a watchful eye on the linen and housekeeping department until he retired in 1995.

Vicki’s dad, John Windmill, attended Maple Grove Public School and Oakville Trafalgar High School and lived in a home on the Sheridan Nursery property, now known as the Jonathon Park and Clearview Park, just off Winston Churchill Blvd. Many a summer was spent playing in the fields and forests and many winters skating on the “cement” ponds. John worked for Auto Haulaway until he retired in 1999. He was also a volunteer fireman for the Town of Oakville.

Vicki’s mom, Janet Windmill (nee Perkins), attended Linbrook Public School and Oakville Trafalgar High School. The family home was on Macdonald Road, and they owned and operated Perkins and Sons Greenhouses. As a child, Vicki loved wandering through the greenhouses admiring the plants and flowers and watching her grandfather arrange flowers for delivery. To this day, Vicki still has a passion for fresh flowers, and the smell of a flower shop brings back immediate and fond memories. Her grandparents were the 4th generation to be born and raised in Oakville. Vicki’s grandmother lived on the farm, which is now the Oakville Golf Course. Vicki’s great-grandmother was born in Lyon’s cabin, which is now located on the west bank of the Oakville Harbour. The tradition of volunteer firefighters started with Vicki’s grandfather. He was a dedicated member of the Trafalgar No2 Brigade and was a founding member. Vicki’s mom, Janet, worked in the planning department at Cogeco until she retired in 1999.

In August 1999, the Town of Oakville dedicated a park in memory of Vicki’s grandfather, Eldon Perkins. Perkins Passage is a park located on Cornwall Road, between Chartwell Road and Watson Road, which was dedicated in his name for his volunteer time given to the community.

The Early Years – Rick and Vicki

Rick attended grade school in Burlington at John Calvin Christian School and then White Oaks High School. He still remembers the fields and farms on Sewell Road, which at that time was a dead-end street, where Molly the horse lived, and all the kids would visit after school. Rick spent his summers working for his grandfather’s landscape company, Syd’s Landscaping, cutting the grass on the Oakville-St. Mary’s cemeteries and homes on Lakeshore Road East and then going out for donuts or to Art’s fish and chips.

Vicki attended grade school at Pine Grove Public School and then Perdue High School, working summer jobs at Lick’s, which was then in downtown Oakville on Lakeshore Road East.

In his early years, Rick worked for Teledyne Laars, a pool heater company, then at the OTMH in the stores’ department. Soon Rick decided to continue his education and go back to school for Chiropody. After graduating, he worked full-time at Toronto General Hospital and practiced one day a week with the Oakville Family Practice on Speers Road. Then, from 1997-2001 Rick worked full-time as an employee for St. Joseph’s Healthcare Centre with a part-time practice on Headon Road in Burlington, which he later closed so that he could devote all this time and attention to a new private practice located within St. Joseph’s Healthcare Centre – Ambulatory Care Site, in Hamilton.

Vicki worked with Larry Laughlin and Bill Stackhouse of Halton Chiropractic Clinic for a short time and then decided to go back to school to become a Dental Assistant. The majority of Vicki’s career, since 1988 was spent working with Dr. Joseph Andary. Dr. Andary’s office just happens to be located down the street in the Maple Grove Plaza – which as a child, Vicki remembers as “the Linbrook Plaza.” In 1997 Vicki left the dental office to raise a family and assist Rick in setting up his private practice in Hamilton.

Returning to Oakville

It was with a tremendous sense of pride that we returned to our roots in Oakville. And while the landscape had changed significantly, it felt like we never left. Years later, having grown considerably, we relocated once again to a larger building, taking on more associates and staff. We are now located in a large space, with lots of free parking, at 1295 Cornwall Rd, Unit A1.

Along with our move, on September 15, 2018, we celebrated the marriage of Kaitlin Werkman to Erik Boven. To celebrate this union, welcome her as a practitioner, and celebrate our move, we have changed the name of our practice to Werkman, Boven & Associates.

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