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Therapeutic Footwear

We carry a wide variety of therapeutic footwear by Biotime, Drew, Portofino, and Brooks. All of our footwear is geared to helping our patients achieve their foot health goals. Have a question about which footwear is right for you? Let’s continue the conversation!

Why invest?

Comfortable, supportive, well-fitting footwear can make all the difference.


We proudly carry Brooks footwear who are committed to advancing the performance, durability and comfort of its footwear, apparel and accessories in every category. With a 150 year heritage of innovation in golf, running, basketball, tennis and performance walking footwear, Brooks offers the highest standards of performance and style.


We carry several lines of functional sandals that have removable foot-beds. That means sandal lovers can continue wearing their orthotics, and enjoying the comfort and correction they provide, all summer long.

We carry Biotime, Drew, and Portofino, who all have removable foot-beds.

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