Advanced Therapy with Centuries-Old Magnetic Biostimulation.

Published On: July 28, 2015

Mankind has been using magnetic energy and fields to their benefit for centuries.

magnetic-field generators NASA uses in spacecraftsYou only have to think of magnetic compasses or the magnetic-field generators NASA use in their spacecrafts. But are you aware that magnetic energy could actually be used to benefit your health? You might not realize it, but we are actually heavily dependent upon magnetic energy. So much so that we wouldn’t be able to function properly without it.

Research conducted on the human body shows that our existence does not solely depend on the millions of chemical reactions that take place in our bodies, but also relies on the electro-magnetic interactions that occur, since a large proportion of the chemicals found inside a human body are electro-chemical ions. The distribution, flow and the manner in which these ions interact with each other influence many bodily functions. Magnetic biostimulation is a fairly recent development and is a form of treatment that manipulates these ions to facilitate the healing process.

How Does Magnetic Biostimulation Work?

First of all, let’s talk about what magnetic biostimulation actually is. It’s actually very simple — it utilizes electromagnetic devices to apply magnetic fields to the body. Other forms of magnetic therapy involve applying static magnets to the body for extended periods of time. These magnets can come in the form of many everyday items such as rings, bracelets, insoles for shoes, plasters, mattresses and blankets, meaning you can continue to live your life normally while undergoing the treatment.

But how does magnetic biostimulation help to heal the human body and improve the patient’s overall physical condition? When your body is exposed to the magnetic field generated by the technology used in one of these sessions, the magnetic energy doesn’t just hit your skin, it reaches every single cell in your body, affecting the individual molecules that make up a cell.

What Are the Effects of  Magnetic Biostimulation?

An efficient supply of oxygen is key if the body is going to heal damaged tissue, and more often than not, when a patient is suffering from a chronic condition, the affected tissue only receives a limited amount of oxygen. Magnetic biostimulation is able to quickly deal with this issue, stimulating increased levels of oxygen and subsequently providing you with more energy on a cellular level. The benefits of this can be seen most notably in patients that have suffered some sort of serious muscle trauma, or have undergone major surgery.

Magnetic biostimulation is also able to increase blood flow to the affected part of the body, which not only helps to deliver the higher levels of oxygen we just talked about, but also removes waste products that could be preventing or slowing down the healing process. This can be achieved because the ion channels that this treatment is able to manipulate are responsible for regulating muscle contractions. Magnetic biostimulation causes capillary networks in the affected area to contract and relax to modify blood flow to meet the body’s requirements.

Magnetic therapy is also known to increase the productivity of the cells in damaged tissues by facilitating the exchange of ions from the inner part of the cell wall and the outer part. This results in an increased metabolism, not just in those cells, but in the entire body. This allows your body to supply the damaged tissue with the nutrients required for efficient healing, and is known to quickly reduce swelling.

Remember how we said earlier that many of the chemicals inside the human body are chemical-electrical ions, well there is no better example of these in action than when the nerve system sends pain signals to the brain. Under normal circumstances, nerves possess a precise balance of positive and negative ions, and when this shifts, pain signals are relayed to the brain. Some nerve disorders or damaged nerves can cause false pain signals to be repeatedly sent to the brain, making life very uncomfortable, but magnetic biostimulation helps to re-establish the balance of these ions, subsequently lowering the frequency of these pain signals, or preventing them altogether.

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