Condition #7 of 14 Nagging Foot Problems to Beat!

Published On: January 2, 2013

Condition #7:  Sesamoiditis

What is it?

Inflammation of the region around the tiny sesamoid bones, which are actually inside tendons that run to the big toe. May also be a result of damage to the sesamoid bones themselves

What causes it?

  • High impact activities which may irritate the tendons or cause damage to the bones; a sudden increase in activity levels
  • Rapid weight gain or being overweight
  • Loss of fat pad on bottom of foot with age which results in decreased cushioning

Signs & Symptoms

May begin slowly as a dull pain but progressively increase in intensity into a more persistent throbbing pain

Treatment & Prevention

  • Rest / reduce activity level until symptoms subside; choose low impact activities such as swimming in the interim
  • Cushioning devices to offload pressure
  • Low dye strapping (taping) to help immobilize the involved area
  • Prescription custom orthotics to help correct structural foot problems if they are causing the pain
  • Footwear that is properly suited to your foot type. Your chiropodist can provide further footwear advice

Your Chiropodist can provide further advice on symptoms, treatment and prevention. See yours today!


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