Custom Orthotics Help Put the “Win” in Winter!

Published On: January 30, 2018

family footwearAll-Season Foot Comfort!

Wow! The weather these days is crazy. The thermometer may bobbing up and down, and your fitness routine may change (daily), but you’ll never have to worry about foot comfort!

Whatever your sport, whether it’s walking, running, skating, skiing, hockey or building snowmen, custom orthotics with dynamic cushioning provide comfort – and that will help you perform better!

Custom orthotics are made especially for YOUR feet. They support or supplement weakened or abnormal joints. Orthotics are custom devices (inserts worn in your shoes, boots, or skates) designed to alleviate the pain and discomfort you may suffer from conditions such as arthritis and joint pain and foot disorders such as fallen arches, heel spurs, bunions, sport injuries, etc. Ouch! Why continue to suffer when there may be an alternative to pain?

Speaking of arthritis, the Arthritis Foundation recommends orthotics to relieve pressure on the joints. Read the article here.

family ski adventureIf you would like to learn more about custom orthotics that will help you put the WIN in winter (whatever the temperature), book an appointment with us for a consultation. The Werkman Foot & Orthotic Clinic is conveniently located in Oakville on the northwest corner of Maple Grove Drive and Cornwall Road. You and your team will be happy you did. Cheers to winter.


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