Does That Mole Look Different Today?

Published On: June 22, 2016

It’s Time to Book an Appointment with a Foot Care Specialist!

You’re drying your feet when suddenly you notice a change in a mole or wart – you think. With a furrowed brow you ask yourself, “does that look different than yesterday?”

dermlitedl1-1At the Oakville office of Werkman Foot & Orthotic Clinic, we’ve recently added a DermLite® dermatoscope to our footcare routine in order to map and monitor changes in moles and warts on the lower extremities of patients. We’ve always monitored moles and warts. When we started our practice in 1991 (the pre-technology days) warts and moles were monitored and charted by eye. As technology evolved we mapped and charted with a camera, and now we’re mapping and charting with a new dermatoscope called DermLite® that’s portable and precise.

What is a Dermatoscope?

dermlite-2A dermatoscope is an epiluminescence microscopy device designed to view pigmented skin and nail lesions with high magnification and clarity. It’s a painless device that allows us to effectively monitor and map moles and warts. It enables the trained eye to detect possible skin cancer and other types of skin conditions early.

If you notice changes in moles and warts anywhere on your body – contact your health care professional and make an appointment for a check-up today!  You’re never too busy to protect your health!


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