Dr.’s REMEDY® Is Getting Rave Reviews and Results!

Published On: November 22, 2011
Patients have been telling us – and we’ve been noticing – that the “white dots” that often appear on toe and finger nails after long term nail polish use, are fading away!  We’re so pleased with the results we’ve created a “Christmas Comes Early to Oakville” special!

48222011102248Special Offer

For every two bottles of Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish (base, colour, or top coat) purchased from now until December 31, 2011, we’ll give you Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish Remover absolutely FREE!  Purchase three bottles (base, colour, or top coat) and we’ll give you the fourth bottle free!

Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish is the only over the counter enriched polish, created by doctors, designed to be free from harmful toxins found in most commercial nail polish (DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde). Use Dr.’s REMEDY® as a healthy alternative to commercial nail polish, and especially if you suffer from: nail fungus, brittle, discoloured nails, have an allergy to chemicals in commercial nail polish, or are pregnant. Learn more at:http://www.remedynails.com/.

Did you know?

At Werkman Chiropody we always recommend that people who have pedicures – at the very least – bring their own base coat. The reason is because it’s the base coat that is mostly likely the cause of shared nail fungal infections. Why take the risk? We encourage all our patients to take all three products, base, colour, top coat to every pedicure appointment.


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