Got Dry Skin?

Published On: February 25, 2019

Dry Skin and Fissures

Winter is here in full force, potentially stripping your skin of moisture and causing dry, flaky, itchy skin.

This is why it is important to give your skin some much needed love and hydration by moisturizing your feet daily!

Skin and heel fissures can also be a sign winter has hit full force.

What are fissures?

• Dry, flaky skin formation on the feet or outer edge of the heel that can form painful, deep cracks which often bleed
• Can lead to infection by bacteria, viruses, or fungus

What causes it?

• Seasonal dryness (i.e. winter) or a year-round dry climate
• Problems with sweat glands in the area
• Habitual barefoot walking or wearing of open-back sandals
• Excessive soaking of feet

Treatment & Prevention Your Chiropodist May Recommend

• Use of a high-quality moisturizer; your chiropodist can recommend lotions available at your local drug store or provide moisturizers specifically created for this purpose
• Avoid walking barefoot or wearing open back sandals too frequently
• Reduction using a surgical scalpel and exfoliation of the area using a special purpose podiatric instrument.

Note: never try reducing a fissure yourself with a razor blade or sharp instrument. Serious injury or infections can occur. See your chiropodist for safe, effective fissure treatment, especially if you have diabetes

Take care of your feet – and they’ll take care of you! Talk to your Chiropodist about optimal foot health today!


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