Holiday Footwear Can Be a Pain!

Published On: December 18, 2019

Do your party shoes look great – but feel tight, pinch your feet, or cause pain in your feet, legs or back?

Wearing fashionably festive, but ill-fitting footwear, can cause a myriad of foot problems, some that can have long term consequences.

Foot Conditions Caused by Wearing the Wrong Style or Size of Shoes…

  • blisters
  • bunions
  • calluses and corns
  • heel, arch, knee or foot pain
  • ingrown toenails
  • pain!

We offer comprehensive treatment for these and other foot related conditions.

How can you avoid nuisance and painful foot conditions? Start by being selective when you’re buying shoes – not just around the holidays, but year round.

Tips for Buying Footwear

  • Avoid high-heels. High heels shift much of your body mass onto the balls of your feet and tiny toe bones. The higher the heel, the greater the potential for damage
  • Choose shoes with wide toe boxes, that fit comfortably, and offer good support
  • If shoes feel tight, ask for a wider width
  • Ask your Chiropodist for footwear suggestions

Feet are the foundation for good health! Take care of your feet with regular foot and nail care appointments starting today! A referral is not required to see a Chiropodist!

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Wishing all of our patients, colleagues, friends and family the best of the Holiday Season.



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