Hot Foot Summer

Published On: May 11, 2023

As summer approaches, it’s time to get your feet sandal-ready. If you haven’t been keeping up with your foot care throughout the winter, take the time to give your feet some love. Dry, cracked heels are common and can form quickly without proper moisturizing and foot care routines. Although these cracks, or fissures, can be small or superficial other times they can develop into a severe issue, especially for those living with diabetes and neuropathy. Bacteria can enter the body through these breaks in the skin and cause infections, including fungal infections.

Moisturize Me!

For non-“Whovians”, this is a Doctor Who joke.

Your feet will thank you for it! A regular moisturizing routine will help prevent dry heel fissures and also help heal the present ones. Allow us to share our routine: 

  1. Following a shower, as this is the best time for the moisturizer to absorb, apply a layer all over the foot, excluding between the toes. Rub in well and wipe away any excess. 
  2. Repeat daily. 

It’s that simple. Your chiropodist may recommend a wet wrap therapy for more severe cases, which includes overnight treatment with two pairs of cotton socks and a urea-based cream. This treatment is a different routine that your chiropodist can happily explain during your visit.


“Fissures or splits occur when there is a lack of elasticity in the skin, usually when the skin is too dry or too moist.” (1). In this case, you will want to limit the moisture on the foot. Swab the whole foot with rubbing alcohol to reduce the moisture build-up. Preventing fissures is a tricky balance between moisturizing and not having too much moisture. Your chiropodist can explain the best care plan for each case.

It is essential to determine the cause of your foot fissures before deciding on a treatment. The place to get that answer is with your chiropodist! Schedule an appointment today!

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