How Do You Know if Your Feet Are Spring Ready?

Published On: April 10, 2012

06102012094506Ah Spring! The word conjures up images of rebirth, renewal and regrowth… of majestic things to be… of the pursuit of happiness… of snow? (yes, snow was part of today’s forecast.)

Spring signals the time of year when we emerge from our winter cocoons, shed our heavy clothing and opt for the sunshine and warmth of the outdoors. Here’s how you can put your best feet forward for Spring:

1. Make sure you have the right footwear for whatever the job or sport. You wouldn’t run a marathon in rubber boots, would you? Nor would you wear cleats to muck about in the garden. Even the casual walker will feel better and do better with the right footwear. Those with diabetes need to be especially mindful of their footwear.

2. Examine your footwear for wear and tear. Footwear doesn’t last forever, but your feet do! The mechanics of footwear are such that you won’t notice a slight degradation of support over time. But once you slip your feet into new footwear you will.

3. Remember, new footwear can be modified specifically for yoursport.

4. Check your orthotics. Look for signs of wear. If your orthotics are more than two years old, it may be time to get a new pair. Your orthotics may not have changed – but maybe your feet have!

5. Get your feet checked and cared for regularly by a Chiropodist and ask for guidance in choosing the right footwear for the job. You’ll be glad you did!


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