Ingrown Toenails: What you need to know

Published On: March 12, 2020

group of school childrenThis March Break, let’s take a moment to check your kids’ favourite shoes to ensure they are not too tight, putting them at risk of developing an ingrown toenail. If you or your loved ones are experiencing any trouble with your toes, we are open this March Break! Learn more about this common problem and how to treat it below.

The Facts

Ingrown toenails, also known as onychocryptosis, is a condition that occurs when the edge of the toenail is driven into the tissue surrounding it, causing pain and/or infection. Ingrown toenails occur most frequently alongside the big toe.

Common Causes

  • improper trimming of toenails
  • wearing shoes or boots that are too tight

Other Causes for Ingrown Toenails

  • injury
  • fungal infection
  • psoriasis
  • heredity
  • poor foot structure

Ingrown Toenail Treatments

In most cases, a mildly ingrown toenail can be treated at home. First, soak the area in warm, soapy water. Then trim away the ingrown part of the nail. Gently lift the free edge and place sterile cotton under the nail until swelling is reduced.

If infected, the area around the toe may become extremely painful, red and swollen. Antibiotics may be needed. At this point, you may want to make an appointment with a Registered Chiropodist, who is Licensed for Nail Surgery and Local Anesthesia in Oakville.

In severe cases, surgical removal of part of the toenail may be needed. We can help! Read more about Nail Surgery and Book your appointment today!

If you are curious as to the in’s and out’s of nail surgery, watch the time-lapse video showing our chiropodist, J. Richard Werkman, performing nail surgery at our clinic.

WARNING: Video contains graphic content

We would also like to stress that People living with diabetes should never attempt to remove an ingrown toenail. Professional diabetic footcare is needed. Book an appointment with your Chiropodist immediately.

Jump on over to our Ingrown Toenails page and see how you can prevent ingrown toenails.


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