Kids Shoes for School and Sports

Published On: August 9, 2017

What Parents Need to Know!

kids shoes September is just around the corner (sorry to say). While you’re making their Back to School supply list, please spend extra time thinking about and shopping for kids shoes for school and sports. Not getting the right shoe or the right fit can lead to damaged or ingrown or blackened toenails.

There are two things parents need to focus on when selecting shoes for school and shoes for sports:

Shoe fit and shoe support

Whether it’s on the school bus, in the classroom, on the playground or sports field, children need a well constructed pair of shoes to help reduce the risk of injury that can lead to more serious problems like sprains, strains and fractures.

Look for 3 things when buying kids shoes:

  1. proper toe flexibility
  2. a rigid middle
  3. a stiff heel

Pay attention to your child’s feet. Check for fungal infections, plantar warts, bruises and blisters, red spots and wounds, corns and calluses. They are all signs that something is going on.

Get your child’s feet checked regularly by a Chiropodist, especially if your child is involved in sports activities requiring specialized footwear. They may need the added support and correction of orthotics!

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