Let’s Learn with Werkman, Boven! – Part I

Published On: October 19, 2023

This blog is a slight detour from our recent ones, which are working through all the ailments we treat at Wekrman, Boven & Associates. We wanted to update you on some of the continuing education and learning that our practitioners have been busy with this year. This will be a two-part blog post, as we have learned a lot. 

Almost monthly, a company came and informed us of what service or product they provide, updated us on new products and procedures and allowed us to build a stronger working relationship with these companies. Sometimes, we also got a great lunch while we were learning. 

In February, we met with two orthotic labs: International Orthotic Lab (IOL) and Paris Orthotics Ltd. IOL is our primary orthotic manufacturer in Calgary, Alberta. They recently came under new ownership, so our practitioners met online with the staff at IOL to discuss the transition into new ownership and learn more about the products and manufacturing processes. Paris Orthotics was also an online meeting, as they are located in Vancouver, BC. Our primary focus in discussions with Paris was manufacturing custom and over-the-counter Richie Braces, which our chiropodists are interested in pursuing as a treatment option.  

Moving into March, our chiropodists and support staff renewed our CPR Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers First Aid certificates. This is an annual recertification, and Hilda, a teacher from St. John’s Ambulance, came into the clinic and did a refresher session for the day with us. 

Dr. Ted Rapanos, Dr. Fadi Elias, Meagan, and Krystal visited us in April from One Vascular HealthWith one of their clinics located just 550 metres down the street, this partnership is a great opportunity. Our chiropodists can refer patients to One Vascular for various assessments, including for lymphedema, varicose veins, and peripheral arterial disease. The assessments can better help us treat your foot conditions and also allow us to provide you with better opportunities to address concerns in your legs. With its nine locations, One Vascular will also be happy to schedule your appointment near your home or work.

In May, our long-time bunion aligner supplier, Infracare, gave us a refresher on their products. Along with the bunion aligners we have available at Werkman, Boven, Gopala explained Infracare’s cold feet socks, compression sleeves, and unique BOA Fit System ankle braces. Gopala also informed us of the strides that Infracare has been able to make with insurance companies to cover their products under many health plans. 

Hitting almost halfway through the year, this is where we’ll wrap it up until the next blog, where we’ll cover the next half of the year! Visit the blog in two weeks to hear about the rest of the learning our staff has been doing here at Werkman, Boven & Associates to ensure we continue to provide you with exceptional foot care for all ages.

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