Meet the Team: Rick Werkman – Chiropodist & Owner

Published On: February 3, 2021

We have been asked to stay home during this current lockdown unless going out for an essential reason. Medical foot care qualifies as an essential service. Our clinic is open and ready to address all your foot health concerns.

While you may not be meeting many new people during lockdown, we invite you to book an appointment to meet our Chiropodist and Owner, Rick Werkman. Rick is a Registered Chiropodist with over 30 years’ experience in Podiatric Medicine. He is a professional who provides routine foot care and treats everyday foot problems and needs as well as more complex issues. There isn’t much Rick hasn’t seen! You can read more about Rick and his qualifications on our website.

Biomechanics & Custom Made Orthotics

Rick’s true passion lies in Biomechanics, especially as it relates to the structure, function and motion of the foot. Rick excels at determining the root cause of foot pain. He offers solutions ranging from Magnetic Biostimulation to Shockwave Therapy, to designing Custom Made Orthotics to control foot mechanics when walking or participating in sports.

Rick stays current with the latest research literature regarding Biomechanics and Custom-Made Orthotics. Our clinic is proud to boast a 3-D volumetric casting tool from International Orthotic Lab (an off-site, accredited lab where our prescription orthotics are manufactured). This piece of technology allows our chiropodists to take an accurate 3-D scan of one’s feet in neutral subtalar joint position, using an iPad. Gone are the days of inaccurate casting techniques such as stepping in a foam box to record an imprint. Most insurance companies no longer cover Custom Made orthotics manufactured using this outdated method. The iPad scanner is a quick and accurate casting method, eliminating the need for applying messy, environmentally unfriendly plasters. True biomechanical orthotics do not work on the principle of simply applying pressure to the arch. Instead, orthotics realign the foot by applying necessary pressure where it is needed, in order to stabilize and enhance foot function. This requires expertise, training and experience which Rick has extensively built up through his years of practice.

Rick specializes in foot care solutions for all ages, from the tiniest of toes to feet that have seen many miles. Book your appointment with Rick in our Oakville Foot Clinic today! He is available to expertly answer any foot health questions you may have and assess and treat your foot concerns. Everyone deserves healthy feet!


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