NEW! Diabetic Socks from SIGVARIS

Published On: April 22, 2015

Following the Canadian Diabetes Association standards and guidelines, SIGVARIS introduces a new compression sock for people living with diabetes. To celebrate, the Werkman Foot & Orthotic Clinic is offering a special price to add a little Spring to your step!

SIGVARIS-Eversoft-Diabetic-SockIntroducing SIGVARIS 160 EVERSOFT Diabetic Sock, with a low compression factor of 8-15 mmHg.

Ideal for everyday wear and sensitive skin

  • Thick, padded soles, heels and toes to protect feet
  • Flat, low friction toe seam
  • Soft, stretchable knit-in band prevents pinching

Available Styles & Colours:
Closed toe, Calf – White* (00), Compression Level 8-15mmHg, Available for men and women

Special Introductory Price for Spring:  $25/pair
Suggested retail: $32

Introductory price offered until May 29, 2015.

* SIGVARIS 160 EVERSOFT Diabetic Socks are only available in white in compliance with Canadian Diabetes Association guidelines. If a sock is dark or black, and there is an active wound, it will often be missed, however, if the sock is white, it is noticed earlier.  People with diabetes often do not have full feeling in their feet and because of this, wounds can be missed, hence the white sock rule.

SIGVARIS is recognized as a global industry leader in the area of compression therapy for the management of chronic venous disorders. SIGVARIS graduated compression garments are available for mild to severe symptoms as well as performance enhancing for athletes. Learn more about SIGVARIS products, then talk to us! We’re SIGVARIS Certified Fitters and we will help you find the best fit for your needs.


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