Orthotics: The Prescription Your Feet Need

Published On: November 22, 2021

The 26 bones, 30 joints, and five groups of muscles work together with each step to provide balance, mobility, and support[1]. These foot components sometimes need a little help, and just as glasses help your eyes, orthotics can help your feet function at their peak performance. 

Also like glasses, these devices should be custom-made for your unique case. Our chiropodists assess your feet and how you walk to best determine the right device for you. We take a 3D Digital Mold of your feet, which is sent to the International Orthotic Lab in Alberta or Gateway Orthotics Inc. in Mississauga. With the custom design from your chiropodist and the digital mold, the labs will custom-make the orthotics. 

Back in the clinic two weeks later, we fit the orthotics into your shoes. Orthotics take some time to break in, so included in the cost of your orthotics is a follow-up appointment to ensure you have the best devices for your feet. 

Extended health insurance plans will sometimes cover some, or all, of the cost of the orthotics. To best help you claim the devices, our staff will provide a series of documents for your insurance company. These documents include: 

  1. An official receipt of the total payments with the date the orthotics were received
  2. A prescription from your chiropodist
  3. A detailed biomechanical examination and gait analysis 
  4. A detailed report of the materials used from International Orthotic Lab or Gateway Orthotics Inc.

Book your appointment today to review your old orthotics and to be assessed for new ones! If you need them before the end of this year, schedule your appointment for before Tuesday, December 14th with Richard, Stephen, or Gregory, or Tuesday, December 7th with Vanessa


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