Pandemic End in Sight

Published On: March 14, 2022

Two years ago the State of Emergency was declared in Ontario, and the country went into lockdown within a few days.[1] We have weathered this pandemic the best we could with various ups and downs and appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding in dealing with new, and ever-changing pandemic realities.

What do the new policies look like in our clinic?

After March 21st, and the updated provincial mask policy, masks will still be required inside our clinic as we are a healthcare setting, but the end is in sight. April 27th will be the end of masks here if all goes according to plan.[2] We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces again soon! Please be assured that you are also more than welcome to continue wearing a mask within our clinic if you would like.

Consistency is Key!

We have always maintained a clean, sanitized environment. After lifted restrictions, we will continue: 

  • Filtering our clinic air with our air purifier by Surgically Clean Air
  • Cleaning each treatment room between patients 
  • Conducting routine disinfection of the surfaces
  • Provide exceptional footcare for all ages in a clean, safe environment

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