Ski and Skate in Comfort this Winter

Published On: December 3, 2015

Ski or skate in comfort with custom orthotics by Rick Werkman, Chiropodist Oakville

What could be more fun than snapping on the skis or lacing up the skates and hitting the hills, valleys and rinks this winter? Just the hot toddy afterwards!

What’s not so fun is experiencing foot, ankle or knee pain during or after the event. This is when custom orthotics may help. Custom what?

Custom Orthotics

Generally speaking, an orthotic is a device that is customized, designed and manufactured specifically to your needs in order to control the degree of pronation (flattening out of the arch when a person’s foot first strikes the ground) or supination (the opposite motion of pronation. It allows the foot to be a more stable, rigid structure when pushing off) of the foot when walking, running, skating, skiing, or participating in other sports.

Orthotics are devices inserted in your shoes, boots and sports footwear. These devices are custom designed to alleviate the pain and discomfort you may suffer from conditions such as arthritis and joint pain and foot disorders such as fallen arches, heel spurs, bunions, sport injuries, etc. Orthotics are also used to help athletes and weekend warriors of all ages enhance their performance and endurance. Who wants painful, sore or tired feet?

Want to enjoy Winter? Talk to Rick Werkman for professional foot care.

Get out there and savour the season! If pain is standing between you and something you enjoy, talk to your Chiropodist or Podiatrist. They are licensed, certified and referred for foot care covering all seasons.


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