Summer Foot Hazards #2: Barefoot? Sore foot!

Published On: July 15, 2020

Summer is a time when we kick off our shoes and let our toes breathe. However, a complaint that we often hear from patients is that they have been walking around barefoot and their feet are killing them. What’s going on?

Our feet are designed to walk on soft, natural, uneven surfaces such as grass or sand. A soft surface accommodates the contours of our feet and may help improve circulation as well as muscle and ligament strength and flexibility. However, walking barefoot on hard, flat surfaces such as laminate and tile flooring, or patio stones, can cause stress to the foot. On this type of surface, the foot is not naturally supported or cushioned.

A simple solution to this issue is to wear indoor footwear. Choose a pair of supportive shoes with well cushioned heels and good arch support. Sometimes walking on a hard surface without any support can exacerbate a biomechanical foot condition you might already have. In this case, custom made orthotics might be a solution for you. These devices slip into your shoes, and are manufactured specifically for your feet in order to control and realign the foot by applying corrective pressure where needed. Orthotics can also cushion and redistribute areas of high pressure on the bottom of the foot.

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