Summer Foot Hazards: what you need to know

Published On: June 25, 2020

Summer has arrived! The season of relaxing on the deck or running barefoot in the grass. A time when we kick off our shoes and soak up nature. The last thing you might be thinking about is Summer Foot Hazards. We will be addressing some of the top hazards in our blog posts this summer and how to deal with them.

Summer Foot Hazard #1 – The Embedded Object

We have all been there. Getting a splinter while walking on the deck or stepping on a piece of glass hidden in the grass. Here are some simple steps to follow if the object has broken the skin.

  1. Inspect the area for any remaining foreign objects. If you suspect an embedded object in your foot, call your Chiropodist. Do not try to remove the object because that can lead to more damage or infection.
  2. If the area contains no debris, clean the area with warm salt water* and allow it to air dry. Cover with a bandage and keep dry until healed.
  3. Ensure you are up to date on your tetanus vaccination, especially if the foreign object was exposed to the soil.
  4. Monitor the site for any signs of infection: swelling, redness or thick, discoloured (deep yellow/green) foul-smelling discharge or red streaking. If you see any of these signs, please call your Chiropodist.

*We recommend Epsom salts.

See you at the clinic!

We are dedicated to following the Best Practices as laid out by Public Health Ontario that ensures the critical elements and methods of decontamination, disinfection and sterilization are incorporated into our procedures. We care about your safety!

We look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time in the clinic!

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