Tackling Tendinitis: Expert Tips for Relief

Published On: November 28, 2023

Tendinitis, a common foot condition, can be painful and debilitating. Thankfully, chiropodists are here to provide expert guidance on managing and preventing this issue.

Tendinitis occurs when the tendons that connect your muscles to your bones become inflamed. In the feet, it often affects the Achilles tendon or the tendons around the ankle. The common causes are overuse, improper footwear, or other biomechanical factors. When the bones cannot stabilize properly, the muscles in the foot and leg try to make up the difference and work too hard for too long.

If you suspect tendinitis, consult a chiropodist promptly. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent the condition from worsening. Treatment may include rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE), along with custom-made orthotic devices to support and cushion the affected area. At Werkman, Boven & Associates, we also can provide cortisone injections and Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy as great options for treatment. Learn more about our Shockwave Therapy in this video as explained by our chiropodist Rick Werkman.

Wearing appropriate footwear is essential. Choose shoes with appropriate support and cushioning to reduce strain on your tendons. Your chiropodist can recommend suitable brands or orthotic inserts for your specific needs

Regular stretching and strengthening exercises can help prevent tendinitis. Your chiropodist can suggest exercises that target the affected tendons, promoting flexibility and strength.

Custom orthotics can be a game-changer for those with tendinitis. These devices are tailored to your foot’s unique shape and provide the necessary support to alleviate pressure on the tendons.

Your chiropodist may recommend modifying your activities to reduce strain on your tendons. This might involve adjusting your exercise routine or adopting new techniques to minimize stress on the affected area.

Tendinitis treatment takes time. Be patient and follow your chiropodist’s advice diligently. Ignoring their guidance can lead to a chronic condition that is much harder to manage.

Tendinitis can be a real pain in the foot, but with the expertise of a chiropodist, you can find relief and take steps to prevent its recurrence. Early intervention, proper footwear, and a commitment to a tailored treatment plan are key to overcoming tendinitis and getting back on your feet. Schedule your assessment and treatment at Werkman, Boven & Associates today!

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