The Skinny on High Arches (Pes cavus)

Published On: October 8, 2013

48242013020248Pes cavus is a medical term for an abnormally high arched foot. It is the opposite of a flat foot and somewhat less common.

As with certain cases of flat feet, pes cavus may be painful due to metatarsal compression; however, high arches – particularly if they are flexible or properly cared for may be an asymptomatic condition.
People with pes cavus sometimes – though not always – have difficulty finding shoes that fit and may require supportive cushioning in their shoes. Children with high arches who have difficulty walking may require medical attention to rule out neuromuscular disorders.

Often when a person experiences heel, arch, knee or foot pain it is associated with complications of poor foot function. Typically, an orthotic is the prescribed medical device to address these issues. An orthotic is custom-made and is uniquely designed for a specific foot and NO ONE ELSES. For this reason, an orthotic is not the same as an over the counter arch support.

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