Tips for Winter Running

Published On: January 28, 2011

Slow down, modify your stride and work on muscles to avoid injuries.

42282014102642Sticking with an outdoor winter regimen of running means keeping two things in mind: You need to slow down, and you’ll be better off if you spend some time in the gym strengthening your muscles to help avoid injuries.

Running on ice-slickened sidewalks, paths and trails has the potential to cause injury unless key modifications are made. “When the snow falls or when it gets icy out, the natural thing for a runner to do is to increase their stride width — so they run with their feet a little further apart — and they decrease their stride length. They take more steps per kilometre, they take shorter, choppier steps,” said Reed Ferber, director of the Running Injury Clinic at the University of Calgary.

Source: National Post

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