Treat Diabetic Ulcers with Total Contact Casting

Published On: February 24, 2021

Foot ulcers are a common complication of diabetes and require professional management and off-loading. Chiropodists are professionals trained in diabetic foot care who understand the complexities of ulcers.

Let’s review several methods used to off-load diabetic ulcers:

  • Specialized removable footwear
  • Removable off-loading boot
  • Removable Air Cast
  • Total Contact Casting

Often, methods that allow a patient to remove their off-loading device are ineffective at resolving wounds. This ineffectiveness is due to patients not wearing their devices at all times when on their feet. Total Contact Casting eliminates this challenge. It is a specially designed, off-loading cast that ensures treatment compliance.

Total Contact Casting

Total Contact Casting is the preferred method for off-loading diabetic plantar foot ulcers. In fact, research shows healing rates of approximately 90% in 6 weeks.

Treatment Plan

Total Contact Casting is typically a 6-week treatment plan consisting of:

  • Ulcer/wound debridement
  • Total Contact Cast application
    • Cast closely conforms to the shape of the patient’s foot with a specially designed chamber around the ulcer to relieve pressure and promote healing.
  • Weekly cast changes to allow for proper wound care and prevent infection

Currently, patients with diabetes must travel to Toronto Women’s Hospital or St. Michael’s Hospital, where the Ministry of Health covers the treatment fees. However, patients wanting shorter wait times, easier access and fewer travel headaches can receive treatment on a fee-for-service basis in our Oakville foot clinic.

Chiropodist Kaitlin Boven has a Master’s degree in Diabetes and is trained in Total Contact Casting. Book an appointment with Kaitlin today to address your diabetic foot health concerns.



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