Treating Foot Problems for Patients with Diabetes

Published On: November 5, 2013

34162013110234It’s essential for diabetic patients to pay proper attention to their feet as problems may occur as a result of either circulation or nerve changes.

Here are some foot complications that diabetic patients may encounter and some possible treatment options that are available by your chiropodist.

Callus – This is an area of thickened skin where excessive pressure and friction exists due to abnormal biomechanics. If left untreated these lesions may bleed under the skin causing tissue breakdown, and possible infection. Treatment consists of simple debridement of the callus and pressure relieving padding or insoles/orthotics to address biomechanical abnormalities.

Corns – Unlike callus that is diffuse, corns are an excessive skin buildup in a localized area usually with a hard central core. Some possible causes are abnormal foot biomechanics and improper footwear. Management includes simple debridement and deflective padding or insoles/orthotics to address any biomechanical problems.

Ingrown Toenails – This occurs when a spike from the side of the nail starts to grow into the surrounding skin. This usually results from improper nail cutting or tight footwear. Treatment options include footwear education, reshaping the nail or nail surgery procedures.

Tell your physician, general practitioner or health care provider… we provide professional treatment and surgery for ingrown toenails, including surgery.

Ulcers – Are an open wound due to circulation problems, lack of sensation, or pressure. Management consists of evaluation, debridement, and appropriate dressings, deflective padding or orthotics may be necessary.

Any of the above conditions, if left untreated, may result in serious complications requiring more aggressive therapies and/or hospitalization. It is much better to receive proper professional footcare from a chiropodist in order to prevent such problems. This allows you to put your best foot forward.

Learn more about diabetic footcare and education. A doctor’s referral is not required to see a Chiropodist. Make your appointment today or call 905.845.4817.


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