Treating Ingrown Toenails During COVID-19

Published On: March 10, 2021

Dealing with an ingrown toenail can be challenging in the best of circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated how you seek and receive treatment. The good news is that your ingrown toenail can be assessed and treated at our Oakville Foot & Orthotic Clinic, no referral required. As an essential service, we remain open throughout the pandemic and follow comprehensive COVID-19 safety protocols.

What causes an ingrown toenail?

You may be wondering why the edge of the nail will grow into the surrounding skin, causing pain and inflammation. There are several main causes:

  • Shoes and socks that are too tight
  • Improper toenail cutting
  • Injury
  • Hereditary

How do I care for an ingrown toenail?

Here at Werkman, Boven & Associates, we offer multiple options for caring for an ingrown toenail.

  1. Routine nail care every few weeks, in which our footcare practitioners will trim your toenails to the proper length and shape.
  2. Nail surgery, a more permanent solution where our registered chiropodists will remove a small portion of the nail’s side. You can watch a short video on the procedure that Richard Werkman performed. (Content Warning: Graphic Content)

Those with Diabetes should never attempt to treat an ingrown toenail. Book an appointment to have your nails cleanly and expertly taken care of by our chiropodists.

It is time to see your chiropodist for professional care before the nail becomes infected and painful. Send us an appointment request or give us a call to have your foot health concerns addressed. We are a friendly bunch and happy to answer any questions you may have!


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