What are Voxx Socks with HPT?

Published On: March 12, 2019

HPT is Human Performance Technology!

family footwearPeople of all ages and walks of life are focused on drug-free wellness, optimal health and improved performance.

Adults and parents alike are looking for natural and safe solutions for more energy, pain relief and enhanced mobility for themselves, their children, and their parents!

Introducing Voxx Human Performance Technology (HPT)

Designed to reduce pain, increase strength, performance and endurance, as well as improve balance, without the use of pharmaceuticals or invasive treatments.

How Voxx HPT Works

Voxx HPT operates on the principle that different receptors in the peripheral nervous system have an integrative relationship between themselves and correlate to specific nervous stimulation. Triggering the right sequence of signals can help your brainstem achieve homeostatis. Discover the Science Behind Voxx HPT

Voxx Socks are available at Werkman, Boven & Associates in Oakville

Voxx Stasis Socks Enhanced with Voxx HPT

voxx athletic socks Athletic Stasis Socks

VoxxLife Athletic Stasis Socks will take your athletic performance to new levels. With the best finish and greatest feel of any socks you have ever worn, VoxxLife socks provide an incredible fit along with all performance benefits of Voxx HPT technology. Available in knee-high, mini-crew and no-shows you can have the right Stasis socks for any activity.

If you have to wear another sock as a part of your uniform you can still enjoy the benefits of Voxx HPT with Stasis Liner socks. They are thin enough to be worn under any other socks and still give you the performance edge in your game or activity.

voxx socks wellnessStasis Wellness Socks

The most comfortable, seamless, non-binding socks for everyday wear. Stasis Wellness Socks with Voxx HPT are  the greatest Wellness socks ever made. Imagine what the best wellness socks in the world could possibly do for you?

Deliver more energy? Yes! Improve balance and stability? Yes! Help with pain relief? Yes. Be safe and recommended for people living with diabetes? Yes! Non-binding socks that don’t fall to your ankles? Yes! Have extra padding on the bottom for ultra-comfort? Yes!

voxx socks liners for under socksStasis Liner Socks

Breathable, super thin socks can be worn by themselves or under any other sock so you can always have the Voxx HPT benefits.

Come and see the Voxx Socks we have in stock at Werkman, Boven & Associates. Oh happy day!


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