Why Do My Feet Hurt?

Published On: April 25, 2018

woman with painful sore feetFoot Pain Got You Down?

Let’s face it, sometimes we take our feet for granted. We expect them to be our body’s shock-absorbers even though we overuse and abuse them!

5 Reasons Your Feet MAY Hurt!

  1. Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain). An inflammation of the band of fibrous tissues that runs along the bottom of your foot.
  2. Bunions. A firm and incredibly painful bump at the base of the big toe (furthest away from your toe nail)
  3. Hammer Toes. A condition that happens when one of the toe muscles becomes weak and puts pressure on the joints and tendons in one or more toes, causing the toe to stick up at the middle joint.
  4. Tendinitis. When a tendon is overly stressed, a tendon can become inflamed, and that causes pain.
  5. Pronation or supination. Pronation is the flattening out of the arch when a person’s foot first strikes the ground. Supination is the opposite motion.

These are just 5 reasons you may be experiencing foot pain – or ankle, knee or back pain. There may be other reasons. Book an appointment with your Chiropodist today.  It’s the most direct route to good foot health.

What we do at Werkman Chiropody Oakville:

During your first appointment with us, we’ll ask you lifestyle and other medical questions that will help us get to know you, your feet and understand your current concerns (pain)  and needs. Your feet will be in caring hands.

Initial foot care check-ups include:

  • comprehensive foot, nail, skin and ankle exam
  • assessing range of motion, gait analysis, circulation, sensation, colour, along with digital photos of both your feet
  • mapping of lesions (corns, calluses, moles and warts)
  • diabetic foot screening (if required)
  • presentation and discussion of treatment options (including immediate treatment if applicable)

Routine Foot Care Appointments include:

  • toenail cutting and thinning down thickened toenail(s) (if required)
  • debriding corn or callus (if required)
  • monitoring of existing moles and warts
  • mapping of new moles and warts

happy feetHop on over to all the foot-related conditions we can help you with! While you’re browsing, learn more about the foot-related products we carry. Enjoy life to the fullest.

Meet our team of foot professionals and book your footcare appointment today. We’re conveniently located in Oakville, Ontario at Cornwall Road and Maple Grove Drive.


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