Be Kind to Your Feet

Published On: October 5, 2022

Be kind to your feet, and they’ll let you walk all over them for the rest of your life! Your feet are your body’s shock absorbers and withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure with every step you take. Whether you are living with diabetes, an avid athlete, working, retired, or a student, healthy feet should be high on the list of your health care. This is why we provide exceptional foot care for all ages.

What can you do to keep your feet running smoothly?

  • See your Chiropodist for routine check-ups and care

  • Wash your feet daily with mild soap and water
  • Dry your feet well, especially between the toes
  • Don’t walk barefoot in public places, especially pools, fitness centres, etc.
  • Wear clean socks
  • Wear appropriate footwear. Discuss the best choice for your shoes with your chiropodist
  • Moisturize your feet regularly, especially during the winter
  • Use a mirror to check the bottom of your feet for injuries to tend to
  • Be cautious when having pedicures away from home. Always ensure the highest standard of cleanliness
  • Don’t ignore pain! Listen to your body and take action when aches and pains occur.

What can your chiropodist do for your feet?

Our chiropodists offer routine foot care, among other treatments, to ensure your feet stay in tip-top shape. The foot care includes toenail cutting, corns and calluses debriding, monitoring existing or new moles, treatment of plantar’s warts, and applying moisturizer. We routinely update photos of your feet to track any changes your feet may be undergoing. 

Your chiropodist will also want to know about your foot pain, lower leg pain, and even things you may be embarrassed about or find unsightly, such as warts, fungal nails, or bunions. We have treatment options for these conditions and would love to be able to help you with them!

Book your appointment today to visit the chiropodist and ensure your feet stay in the best health.


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