Dealing with Thick Nails

Published On: December 12, 2023

Thick nails, a common condition known as onychauxis, can be more than just a cosmetic concern. While thickened nails may appear unsightly, they can also lead to discomfort, difficulty trimming, and even contribute to underlying health issues. Chiropodists are crucial in addressing thick nails and helping individuals regain healthy, comfortable feet.

Thickened nails often result from a variety of factors, such as fungal infections, trauma, poor circulation, or underlying health conditions like diabetes. Seeking professional advice is essential for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. Chiropodists have the training and knowledge to identify the root causes of thick nails and recommend appropriate interventions.

One common approach in chiropody is debridement, which involves carefully trimming and thinning thickened nails. Chiropodists use specialized tools to reduce the nail’s thickness, relieving discomfort and enhancing the nail’s appearance. Regular appointments for nail maintenance can prevent the nails from becoming excessively thick and causing further complications and discomfort.

Sometimes, the onychauxis is caused by a fungal nail infection. In addition to debridement, your chiropodist may recommend fungal nail treatments. These treatments aim to eliminate the underlying cause and promote healthier nail growth. Education on proper foot care practices, including moisture control, nail trimming techniques, and footwear recommendation, is often crucial to chiropody intervention.

Home care is also essential in managing thick nails. Your chiropodist may advise patients on using over-the-counter antifungal creams, proper nail hygiene, and the importance of wearing breathable footwear. These practices can complement professional treatments and contribute to overall foot health.

Thick nails may be a common issue, but with the expertise of a chiropodist and a commitment to good foot care, you can overcome the challenges associated with this condition, promoting not only aesthetic improvements but also ensuring the well-being of your feet. Regular chiropody appointments and diligent home care can make a significant difference in the management of thick nails, allowing individuals to put their best foot forward. Schedule your appointment today!

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