Heel, Arch, Knee & Foot Pain

Published On: May 23, 2023

It seems like a lot to cover in a short blog post, right? The good thing is that all of these pains can be connected. Often when someone experiences heel, arch, knee, or foot pain, it is associated with complications of poor function.

Risk Factors

Heel, arch, knee, and foot pain often results from our work because of its required routine. A non-traumatic lower extremity or back injury while on the job could result from the following:

  • Long periods of standing or walking
  • The walking or standing surface
  • The type of job
  • The type of shoes
  • Being overweight 
  • Previous injury
  • Structural abnormality of the foot or lower extremity, which you can be born with or may develop

It sounds like a small window for success, doesn’t it? Your chiropodist can help!

What can your Chiropodist do?

At Werkman, Boven & Associates, we see many causes for foot pain, especially work-related, and have many solutions. Your chiropodist can help you select the right shoes for your foot structure, offer modalities, including Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) and Magnetic Biostimulation Therapy (MBS), and recommend custom-made prescription orthotics. If none of the treatments we offer suit your foot pain, we are happy to refer you to other medical practitioners.

Three Usual Treatments

Outside of shoe recommendations, the three usual treatments for foot pain are ESWT, MBS and custom-made prescription orthotics. Learn more about each of these treatments by clicking on their links: 

Visit your chiropodist today to combat your arch, heel, knee, and foot pain.

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